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? I cant wait for HK trip!
Tuesday, October 4, 2011

been about 4 months since i've last blogged...
life have been busy...

today everyone has been talking about the rain! while i laid in my bed!
good thing there's no work... sleeping is the best!

well.... work have been busy as always...
somehow loving the environment, crazy colleagues, funny patients and relatives..
at least i choose to look on the brighter side of life:)
anyway the other day, i just had my first collapse case as a staff nurse...
supposedly it's veryvery rare to see collapse, there it goes, life..
managed to get the heart beating again, but we've heard prognosis is not good.
God please bless ..... if ... needs to be brought to your side, please make it a less painful one.

last sat, cousin just got married!
out of 7 of us, 2 are married now!
then the old ones kept coming, so are you next?
wth, im not even 21... still many things not achieved, why would i wanna tie myself down?!
old people have nothing better to do....
but granduncle was so cute! he's demented... he came for the dinner not even knowing what's happening... we tried explaining to him, but he's a lil hard of hearing... so when it was time to give the couple a toast he exclaimed 'oh, ah miao gai zha bou kia kou ying (ah miao(my aunt) daughter getting married)' we seriously laughed like mad! then i will go to him, asking if he know who am i... he will go 'this is an easy one, i know who are you' so i will ask 'who am i?' he will thinkthink.... he will either 'i dunno know' or when dad comes 'you are his daughter la' ANYHOW GUESS ONE! i hope next time when im old and get demented... i wanna be a happy old lady! i dun wanna be those that keeps shouting, running about etc. People say when you get demented, that's when the real character comes out. how true will it be?

another wedding at end of the month... all the cousins are getting married...
which means... more ang bao next year! wahahahahah!
and im so looking forward to all the little nieces and nephews to play with!
coz you play and return! dun need to worry about their daily necessities! hahahaha

alrights... nothing much in life...
wait till im back from hk! so excited~!
hk with georgie and her family! gonna be fun! YAY!

? Make some noise!
Sunday, June 12, 2011

Officially back to talk about my life and no more taiwan trip stuff!
coz i've finally finished uploading them! wooohoooo!

life have been let's say alright...
graduated from NYP and started work for near to 2months alr.
times sure flies...

i was just whining about not wanting to go allllll the way to nyp to study...
now i wanna go back nyp...
it's like another home to me, esp knowing people as you walk around feels nice.
now i walk around, like know no one alr:(
wells, that's life.
have to move on right?!

anyway i just wanna thank everyone who made my school days in nyp possible and awesome!
my classmates, dance mates, poly mates... EVERYONE. thank you for being in my life and create memories that will last a life time for me. i will treasure them deeply. even if i have dementia, i wont wanna forget this stage of my life.

and most important person i wanna thank is G! we've come so far tgt! now we're moving on, move on together as we let ourselves into the working life. it's not gonna be easy, but im sure we can do it tgt. rmb we still have each other to rant at, no matter how busy we are. im glad tt so far, me and G are still able to meet out and have leisure time for ourselves. ok, the rest of the touching message shall be left between me and her! HAHA!

also people who are not part of poly but are still making wonders to my life. thank you. these few months, many things have happened. it makes me wanna treasure people i care and love for even more.:)

hold those you want in your life close to you, becoz life is short we don't want any regrets.

? taiwan day seven!

Had our night in grand hyatt, posh I must say. The hotel I am happiest with. Because…. You could only hear Caucasians talking and not uncouth china people yelling their lungs out. The other days, while having my breakfast I feel emo, everywhere I turn I shake my head. China people.

so thats their 101! was able to view it from our hotel.

Anyway we took the bullet train from 台北to 桃园 had their 火车便当. Quite nice, something simple.

That’s the end of the seven days.

We came back to spore with these much stuff!

The whole tour group!:)

你们明白吗?不要跟我, 上车睡觉,下车尿尿,回家发生什么事,I don’t know!

? taiwan day six!

We went to this place where the soldier have to stand extremely still for 1 hour. We managed to catch them changed their shift. Their marching is damn solid. Salutes:)

After that we went to this 天禄 shop. Daddy bought one, they gave two small ones. In addition, he also bought for me and bro one each. It’s said to keep the family/person healthy, have more fortune, luck and to help block disasters. I got a white one! Super cute, it looks fat! Hahahahaha

Then we went to 九份. History says last time that area only had 9 families, so every time one family has to go down the mountain to buy daily necessities and groceries. So they will ask the rest, what they want. So the people below the mountain will call them 九份 because once they buy will be九份.

nice food they have!

they have beautiful clogs!

and this was the best! though it was cold up there...

it's popiah skin wrapped with ice cream and peanuts! awesome max!:D

? taiwan day five!

We stayed in Parkview hotel on day four night.
I tell you, it’s the last hotel I wanna go. Not only was the service lousy, but it’s not clean.
I didn’t see anything, but I just didn’t have a good feeling about the hotel.
On the last day of the trip, the tour leader actually said this hotel is not clean.
Besides that the scenery outside is ok.

Then we took the train to 宜阑.

the singapore tour leader, chinni...

the whole tour group!

went to see the 女皇头 and other stones…. It was super cold there la. The wind was so
strong, because we were at the seaside.


hippo look a like stone.... the other is a slipper! haha

the pig's nose! woohoo!

After having enough sea breezes we had dinner at 伍角船板, the food served there is nice! And the outlook of the place is of two ladies and the art in there is most R21.anyway this place is called伍角船板 because the person found a piece of wooden plank which was part of a boat and on top of it was a 伍角… so made a promise if she were to open a shop it will be called 伍角船板. That simple.

awesome food! i must go there next time im back in taiwan!


? taiwan day four!
Tuesday, April 26, 2011

we went to take the 国内飞机, from 高雄 to 花莲.

the flight was only 45mins, if we sat the bus it would have been 8 hours ride of rocky and dangerous road=X so thank god for the flight, if not my butt confirm rot.
so i've learnt my lesson to take my stemetil before i get on the plane, this time was more bearable:)

once we're in 花莲, we went to 太如克. im glad nothing happened to anyone of us. Because last year, there was a china tour group tt went there and the whole bus topples off and till today they're still not found. and the day after we went there, a 60 year old woman was smashed on the head by a falling rock. till we left, we heard she's in critical condition. hope she's better now=X

then we went to see the a-mei 族... so watched their dance, in their clan they have Philippinos too. And I was super disgusted by one of the gay dancing. He is not only short, but the way he dance TOTALLY brought out the gay-ness in him! Then I was stoning at this guy, not because I find him attractive though his quite good looking, but I find him… passionless in the dance. And I question ‘have they danced this dance too many times until he got too sick of it. How many times is considered too many times. Or… does he prefer to leave the clan and find his future in the urban area just like TANK, 小猪 etc.’ while I was stoning and question, suddenly one of the lady came to ask me out, I stupidly agreed. So I went to the centre, they kneel and bow down, I

And got smacked on the butt by some broom like thing… in my mind ‘wth, am I doing down here’ then my surprise the guy I was stoning at, had to carry me on this chair like thing. I tell you I wanted to run away, why do they wanna carry such a heavy person?! In the end, I had no choice but to let them carry.

I pity the guy…. His back must have ache for three days three nights. So when I went back to my seat mummy was like ‘oooh! 我的女儿出嫁了!’ and I was like o.o WHAT?! And they told me that was a demo of a wedding ceremony in their culture. NO WONDER I WAS BEING CARRIED.TSK. but honestly speaking, the photo taken is nice. They guy look like a 明星. Then the Singapore tour leader was like ‘wah, you got carried. LUCKY YOU! You got the most handsome one. Wah got one ah gua, bth sia’ I seriously laughed like mad… I tot I was the only one who couldn’t stand the gay guy! Hahahahahah but from what the Taiwan tour leader said he said ‘the chief of the clan is actually a gay. And he like our tour leader!’ the best part was that the chief asked him ‘did you come here specially for me?’ OMG! MY GOOSEBUMPS ALL CAME OUT.


other people in the clan.

had to wear this to get 'married'
haha it was cold outside tts why i was wrapped up!

their dance....

? taiwan day three!

We went to zeta! it's a place well-known for diamonds *_*
That was my eyes when i went in... and i am very impressed by the professional image of the introducer and he's good looking too! too bad couldnt take any pictureof him! wasted! hahahaha

anyway dad bought mummy and me each a ring! we love the cute of the diamond. it's called 八心八箭. i tink it's this 箭. hahahaha the best part is that they have franchise shop in spore! so if we wanna bring our rings for maintanence, we dont have to go all the way back to taiwan! haha

After that was E-DA THEME PARK!

we played two crazy rides all tgt! haha
one was this U-SHAPED RIDE! the ride can even turn around and plunge you down! damn fuuun!

the other is a vertical ride, both ends had passengers...and they wing 360 degrees! i like! best is tt can see the scenary! for quite some time!:)

after that we went for bumper car , daddy was like a child! hahaha because one round of bumper car only lasted about 1 min. when we're done, dad was like 'finish already? so fast?! come let's go again la!' daddy! you are already 50 +! hahahahaha

ok, then we went to this shop called La new, taiwanese call them 拉牛! hahaha it sells comfortable shoes, but not cheap! a good pair can simply cost up to 100+. so ite, daddy and mummy each 拉了一只牛,一只公的,一只母的.

then we took the ferris wheel, which lasted 18mins. mummy is freaking hilarious, in spore she proclaims never to take the flyer, even if you give her a million dollars. her reason is because she's scared of heights... but look at her when she's at taiwan! FERRIS WHEEL! hahaha

this is the ferris wheel! we took the ride at night:)

after the ride on the wheel, was hungry... so we proceed for dinner along this lane!
super cute stalls right?! hahaha

once we were filled, went back to the hotel to sleep. :)

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